Thursday Class Meetings Start Tonight

Class meetings are an important time for parents and teachers. Families learn about their child’s specific classroom curriculum, social dynamics and plan for upcoming activities.

Please plan to attend your upcoming Class Meeting!

  • January 19: Class Meetings – Grades 1,3,5,7 – 7PM
  • January 26: Class Meetings – Grades 2,4,6,8 – 7PM
  • February 2: Class Meetings – Early Childhood – 7PM

The best education is one where a child’s parents are deeply invested; not only in the outcome, but in the everyday experience. Teacher/parent conferences focus on one child and his/her social and academic progress, class meetings focus on class learning goals and social dynamics.

Understanding what the children are learning when and why, can help parents relate to a child who often reports that a day was, “fine.” And knowing the ins and outs of academics helps parents assist children in their homework tasks or in areas that need attention.

Class meetings also give parents ample opportunities to ask questions of the teacher and also to share their experiences with other families. It is this type of community building, empathy building, and mutual understanding that makes a Waldorf community and classroom like no other in education today.

So mark your calendar and plan to attend these important events!



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