Tracy Edwards is Full Time ATL

Dear Spring Garden Community,

After an extensive search, the Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Tracy Edwards will be our new Administrative Team Leader.

TracyAt the beginning of the 2013-14 school year, the Board formed an ad hoc search committee to recommend who should be named the ATL. The committee members were Bob Hall, Steve Denney, Julie Fields, Julie Gannon, Marie Paul, and Vanessa Vesely. Throughout the year, these volunteers spent countless hours defining the position, screening over 60 applications, conducting phone screens with candidates, and holding interviews to arrive at the recommendation. While there were several outstanding candidates for the position, Tracy had the most comprehensive understanding of the position and the strongest record of providing the kind of support and guidance that the school requires. The decision to offer the position to Tracy was unanimous.

The Board is very appreciative of Tracy’s guidance this past year as Interim ATL and looks forward to a continued collaboration. The Board is also grateful to the search committee for conducting such a thoughtful and thorough search for the new ATL. Our community is fortunate to have both Tracy’s capable leadership and this group of committed volunteers.

Please take a moment to congratulate Tracy on her new permanent position with Spring Garden.

Sarah Rossi
Board President

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