Waldorf School Supplies – Outerwear

If you haven’t received it already, you will soon get your student’s back to school supply list. Along with the usual pencils and paper and folders, you may notice some less usual, outwear requests. Welcome to the world of outdoor play, EVERY day!

If you’re new to the Waldorf school scene (or even if you’re not), it can be tricky to know where to find things like rain pants in the middle of August. Unfortunately, most big box stores don’t have these items on the list of back-to-school essentials, so here are some places where you can buy rain gear for the kiddos online.  
LL Bean
Frogg Toggs Rain Gear
Lands End   
And, of course, there’s always thrift shopping and swapping with other families!


One thought on “Waldorf School Supplies – Outerwear

  1. Miss those days!!! Sorry tho it’s been too many years since I kept those things.

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