Why We Chose Waldorf

Amber and Bryan Matheson have a first-grader just beginning his eight-year journey with Mr. Gannon. We asked them what led to their decision to choose Waldorf Education and Spring Garden. Here’s their answer! 

We chose Spring Garden because how can you say “no” to a school where every Wednesday the four and five-year-olds bake bread, set their own tables with real china and silverware, sing a blessing, eat quietly, wash their dishes and sweep the floor? How can you not be amazed by a school where every single kid learns how to knit, and sew, and carve a wooden spoon and eventually an entire chair? How do you not love a school with a supplies list that doesn’t ask for three sizes of plastic bags but does require rain pants and rain boots, making it probably the closest thing we’ll get in Northeast Ohio to those amazing forest schools in Europe?

There are a million reasons, big and small, why we chose Waldorf. Because the teachers seem free to teach the way they want to teach – and they’re incredibly smart and passionate, not only about shaping young minds but about honoring the spirit of each child at their own unique phase of development. Because the entire building moves to the rhythm of songs and fairy tales. Because instead of asking their students to sell popcorn and wrapping paper, they host a Children’s Festival and sell tickets to magical rooms where you can wander through a maze of twinkle lights and meet the cookie fairy, or make a wish, put it in a tiny boat and send it down a river. Your kids will never have to sell stuff out of catalogs to your neighbors. Let that sink in for a minute.

We chose Spring Garden because it encourages our entire family to be better – to go outside more, and look at screens less (and trust me, we have smartphones and Netflix, we look at screens far too often). But mostly, we chose this school because in a big, chaotic world that’s getting more complicated by the minute, we wanted our kids to hold onto the magic of childhood just a little bit longer.

Are you interested in learning more about Spring Garden and Waldorf Education?  The Matheson’s encourage interested parents to take a “walk through the grades” tour – and send concerned relatives on one as well. Learn about our next tour Here at the Visit Us page. 


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  1. What a lovely post, Matheson family! I hope your journey is the uplifting one my family has experienced. My son came to Spring Garden, in the middle of the 1st grade and is now in the 6th. Everything you hope for your young family, is what I have found over the past 5 years with mine. So happy you have joined the Community!

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